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30+ years of window painting and sign painting experience in the Dallas-Fort Worth and surrounding area. Using this high visibility, atte ntion getting medium is your best advertising value, bar none.

Splash Window Advertising uses bright fluorescent neon window paints for all of your advertising needs: storefront window splashes, chalkboard menu and daily special signs, windshield painting, sidewalk a-frame signs, wall murals and all of your sign painting needs.

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Window Painting

window painting advertising

Window art on your exterior glass opens you to many marketing and branding opportunities. You will definitely attract drive-by traffic by using our bright, attention getting colorful designs. Let potential clients know of your specials or simply build your brand.

Chalkboard Art

chalkboard painting

The right chalkboard message in your business can help set the mood and drive sales. Great chalkboard art arrests the attention of your customer with something eye-grabbing. They provoke interest in your business, desire for your products and clearly suggest a call to action.

Windshield Art

windshield painting

Your potential customer has just entered your lot. How will they choose which vehicle to check out first? Let high-quality windshield painting be the first to tell customers your vehicle is “On Sale,” “Pre-Owned,” a particular brand or model – whatever it is you want your customers to immediately know.

Sidewalk Signs

sidewalk signs

Outdoor sidewalk signs offer several benefits to small business owners. Putting a sign out on the sidewalk can get people to walk in off the street by attracting impulse buyers. A sidewalk sign that is easily visible to passersby can be a practical and affordable investment for even the smallest of businesses.

Modern Marketing

Old School or Modern Marketing

With so much of life taking place online these days, like social media platforms focused on local communities, why would businesses invest time and money in window splash advertising? However using window painting to promote a wide range of businesses; including retailers, artisan studios, and service providers, is finding that a modern take on this old school approach to advertising both spruces up their storefronts and keeps their cash registers ringing.

Here are just a few of the benefits of window sign painting:

  • It is proven to increase sales by promoting brand recognition/retention and boosting word-of-mouth advertising.
  • It is less expensive than TV, print and radio advertisements, but unlike social media blasts, reaches potential customers’ eyes in moments when their attention is relatively undivided (for example, during an evening walk).
  • It greatly improves the visibility of small shops with limited street frontage.
  • It serves multiple purposes—for example, catching the eyes of pedestrians while providing privacy for customers inside the store.
  • Unlike with sandwich boards, awning signs or storefront banners, painted window signs require no special permit in most cases.
  • And if that wasn’t enough, when applied to company vehicles, painted window signs become free mobile advertising seen by commuters all over town!

Time Honored Tradition

It has been documented that the sign industry was a byproduct of efforts to brand and badge products in the late 19th century. Sign painters used quills and oil-based paint on signboards, store windows, fabric awnings and more. In those days, the painter was the marketing expert—advertising agencies did not exist. In fact, a sign painter designed the Ford and Coca-Cola logos still in use today!

It takes an expert hand to make anything other than a mess with a quill dipped in oil paint. But with fluorescent paint and foam brushes our artists can produce clean lines and eye-catching designs.

Why settle for just a sign on your storefront when you can turn the whole storefront into a sign? You’re spending money renting your location, so why shouldn’t you get maximum return from it. One of the easiest ways to do this is to add window splashes that tie into the message and extend the visual impact of your storefront.

Feature Your Best Selling Point

What can they say? Almost anything, but here’s a short list of possibilities:

  • Products or services
  • A graphic that relates, like a bike, a car, a new boat or a ninja warrior
  • Secondary copy that you want to get off the primary sign, such as Commercial/Residential/Industrial or All Makes and Models
  • A slogan, promise or guarantee statement
  • Repeat your logo