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30+ years of window painting and sign painting experience in the Dallas-Fort Worth and surrounding area. Using this high visibility, atte ntion getting medium is your best advertising value, bar none.

Splash Window Advertising uses bright fluorescent neon window paints for all of your advertising needs: storefront window splashes, chalkboard menu and daily special signs, windshield painting, sidewalk a-frame signs, wall murals and all of your sign painting needs.

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Window Painting

window painting advertising

Window art on your exterior glass opens you to many marketing and branding opportunities. You will definitely attract drive-by traffic by using our bright, attention getting colorful designs. Let potential clients know of your specials or simply build your brand.

Chalkboard Art

chalkboard painting

The right chalkboard message in your business can help set the mood and drive sales. Great chalkboard art arrests the attention of your customer with something eye-grabbing. They provoke interest in your business, desire for your products and clearly suggest a call to action.

Windshield Art

windshield painting

Your potential customer has just entered your lot. How will they choose which vehicle to check out first? Let high-quality windshield painting be the first to tell customers your vehicle is “On Sale,” “Pre-Owned,” a particular brand or model – whatever it is you want your customers to immediately know.

Sidewalk Signs

sidewalk signs

Outdoor sidewalk signs offer several benefits to small business owners. Putting a sign out on the sidewalk can get people to walk in off the street by attracting impulse buyers. A sidewalk sign that is easily visible to passersby can be a practical and affordable investment for even the smallest of businesses.

Window Painting Advertising

The challenge today, regarding business impact advertising, is no longer about guessing. It's about determining what’s effective, and then applying those insights to decisions that make a difference. We at Splash Window Advertising, have been trained with advertising insights that work and are effective. Our effectiveness is developed by targeting customers with Visual Aggressiveness. Most call this aggressiveness as IMPACT ADVERTISING!

Why Window Paint?

  1. Painted Windows offer a lower cost than most other types of advertising, yet is proven to be more effective. Outdoor window painting costs 80% less than television commercials, 60% less than newspaper ads, and 50% less than radio ads.
  2. Window painted advertising draws attention because of the bright bold colors and creative graphics. It meets your customers at their point of purchase-your store!
  3. Window painting has constant exposure. No other type of advertising allows your message to be displayed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  4. Painted window advertising helps customers find you easier, especially when your business is tucked away or surrounded by other businesses.
  5. Window Painting increases your product awareness, which also increases your sales and profits...isn't that what every business needs?

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Sign Ordinances

In most cases, we've found there are no permits needed for promotional paints, unlike banners and letter boards near the street. However, we do urge you to check your city ordinances to be aware of any restrictions on window painting in your area.

Sign Removal

Splash Window Advertising is prepared to design the best and most effective artwork to sell your product, and when we arrive, we begin immediately applying our design. Therefore, it is essential that the windows are prepared for our application.

While some customers hire professional window cleaners to clean and prepare the windows for the new SPLASH, the majority of our customers do this themselves. This is the most economical way to prepare the windows, and we will be happy to provide you with instructions for cleaning your windows and removing splashes in a couple of easy steps.